Feeling adventurous? Why not give our high ropes elements a go and see how high you can go? 

Choose from Cargo Net, Crate Stack, Jacobs Ladder, Leap Of Faith! 



If you fancy a challenge and a different way of climbing, then we have our cargo net which offers a multitude of trials whilst ascending through continual movement and stretch of the net. See how high you can climb it and if you can get past your target or reach your goal. 



Work together as a team whilst passing crates to the climber to build the highest tower, keeping your balance at the same time to avoid the tower falling down. One wrong move, will make the crates avalanche down.



Working together or solo the objective is to climb each log. Sounds easy right? Problem is, the gap between the logs get bigger the higher you climb. Working as a team you can help each other reach the next level with support. Going solo is a true challenge but can be done! Which one are you going to do? 

Leap Of 


Have faith in yourself as you climb up the central column in order to reach the top. The objective here is to climb onto the platform and aim for the big buoy. Set your target and if you surpass it then brilliant! If not, what does it matter? You gave it a go! Targets are guidance and we are all here to help! Have you got the courage it takes?

Experience . Paddle . Play