School Activity Days

There are many reasons why students should be inspired outdoors. One reason is that being outside can help improve focus and concentration. Our activity days are brilliant for team building and learning new skills together. Whether your learning outcomes are about team building or learning a new skill we can create a package tailored for you.

What can we offer?


Learning outside of the classroom is becoming more popular. Being able to take part in outdoor activities from a young age has a huge benefit on their physical and mental health moving forward as it opens up new skills that stimulate them to try more. 

Land and water activities

We get a multitude of people coming through our doors who have never experienced outdoor activities before. This is why we are happy to provide a huge range of activities to choose from which caters for all! 

Land activities include:

Archery, bushcraft, high ropes, map walk, problem solving & team games.

Water activities include:

Bell boats, canoeing, kayaking, MEGA paddleboard, paddleboards, raft building, whitewater rafting & whitewater tubing. 



We are able to offer a full package including packed lunches. There is also a café onsite for food and refreshments. We recommend pre-ordering food so it can be made ready for the lunch break. 


How many people can we bring?

We cater for multiple groups from 10 people, right through to 150 people. Due to our vast amount of activities that we offer, this allows us to split people into groups which means you can bring your whole school for a fun day out! 

What clothing do you recommend? 

We advise wearing sport / lightweight clothing (avoiding jeans), trainers or water shoes (no crocs or flipflops). 

Please bring a spare pair of clothes including shoes too!


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